Computer-Laboratory - Internet-Cafe in Cabilao Island, Bohol, Philippines

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Project - Implementation - Project Calendar

Activity planned expected Staus quo Activity/Description
Kickoff Meeting 21 January 04   (21. jan 04)  
Provide Infrastructure 30 March 04 End of April (end of april) Build house for battery bank, provide concrete array for solar panels, provide computer room incl. wiring
Computer laboratory in place 3 June 04 17 September 2004

Computer equipment is already delivered
Solar system installed 26 May 04 8 September 2004

Our solar supplier has delivery problems; we are not sure yet, when the equipment will arrive. Expected delivery mid of August
Internet connection installed 28 May 04 14 September 2004

We have already choosen the internet connection we are going to use but we have to wait till the solar system and the comp. lab are in place
Train teachers and administrators 29 July 04 End of August Administrators trainuing done
Teachers traing will follow
Internet documentation 23 March 04   Internet documentation will be created and updated to inform about the project progress
Final project report 02 June 04 End of Nov A final project report will be sent to the donating companies at the end of the project
Inauguration 4 June 04 18 September 2004  
Set up a committee 20 May 04 End of May
(28 may 04)
Set up a committe which takes care of the financing issues if the project is in place
End of project 5 August 04 End of Oct no activities so far When we reach this , there wil be a big party
will cause project delay activity will be delayed (not project) currently working activity done

The vertical shows, the expected due date for the task (planned value).

The horizontal shows the reporting date (actual value)

If a milestone is on the diagonal line, that means it has finished (like internet documentation)

With this so-called "mile stone trend analysis" you can analyse very fast, if there are project delays or not (we are sure they will come )..