Computer-Laboratory - Internet-Cafe in Cabilao Island, Bohol, Philippines

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Project - Sustainability/Outlook


We are currently doing an evaluation on the sustainability. The idea is that the school generates income out of the internet cafe to cover the costs for the maintenance of the computer laboratory. For more information see statistics.

The idea of such a project is to run it self-sufficient, once it is in place. The financial and technical encouragement of the different companies/partners will be decreased steadily while the effort and support (financial and technical) of the school/mayor has to be increased. At the end the whole project, shall be running self-sufficient. All costs, especially the maintenance of the project should be run and covered by the school / mayor.


If the project is sustainable it might be implemented in other areas and regions as well.
We had already some inquieries from the Philippines and other countries regarding that project. We guess there is a good chance, that this project will be implemented in other areas as well to reduce the digital divide of those remote areas step by step.