Computer-Laboratory - Internet-Cafe in Cabilao Island, Bohol, Philippines

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Information - Pictures

Traditional dances Blessing The crowd
The computer laboratory
Cabilao National High School
On it's way to the island The "Welcome" Committee Unloading Loaded on the islands car reaching it's final destination
4 CITE DTS students getting some practice mounting the panels mounting the panels mounting the panels to the frame
20 of 28 panels are installed
filling the batteries wiring of the panels the solar array wiring of battery charger/ controller and ampere counter the first light :)
Teachers room Seperating the room wiring
Foundation building sight seeing building voila :)
Our transport to the school To steep for the tricycle The view as co-pilot from
a "habal-habal"
The announcement Kickoff meeting
Deliver the materials
to the island
Measuring out the proposed solar site digging the holes final check