Computer-Laboratory - Internet-Cafe in Cabilao Island, Bohol, Philippines

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Project - Information - Description

Solar cells
capture the sun's energy

28 Solar modules
(BP Solar 75Wp)

solar panels
convert sunlight
into electricity

24 pcs. Blei-Gel-Akkus 2V/1200 Ah store the energy
The system runs 7 days
without sun

A lot of sun - little power supply

is the situation in rural areas. That brought us to our idea to run a solar powered
Computer laboratory with Internet connection.
The idea is to run the computer laboratory during school hours
and use it as Internet cafe after school hours to create income.

48 V
Direct Current (DC)

128 Kbps Satellite Internet

6 computers of the newest generation
3 printer, 1 switch, Modem, 7 lights

220 V
Alternating Current (AC)

1 pcs. Inverter 6 kW / 48V converts the energy from DC into AC