Computer-Laboratory - Internet-Cafe in Cabilao Island, Bohol, Philippines

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Project - Information - Partners and Responsibilities

Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise (CITE)

CITE is based in Cebu-City, Talamban. The school is educating students in Informations Technolgy, Mechanics, Telecommunication and Electronics. The school is well established and the know how of the staff to run and support such a project is given. CITE is already working together with other schools to offer education of instructors and supporting them with their e-learning modules. more infos ...

Project responsibilities of CITE:

  • Technical support
  • Installation of Computer Laboratory
  • Education of the teachers
  • Backup of technical support when project is implemented

German Development Service (DED)

DED is working in the Philippines for 10 years already. The main focuses are the sectors: Technical Vocational Education and Training, Support of small and media Enterprises, Agriculture and Intergrated Costal Resource Management. Since July 2002 there is a DED person working in CITE as an IT consultant. more infos ...

Project responsibilities DED:

  • Project leading and -management
  • Project cost managment
  • Contacts to industry

Mayor of Loon / High School

Mayor of Loon, Bohol is interested and has agreed to support this project. He will be responsible for setting up the infrastructure needed to install the solar system and covers the wage (for the first year) for the person running the Internet café.
High School
The high school is based in Cabilao Island. The school is very interested and there are already two teachers who are computer literate. The superintendent is taking care of 5 schools in an around Bohol. Due to the fact, that the other schools in Bohol are already teaching IT subjects, the know-how and help for maintenance and education is given.

Project responsibilities Mayor/High School:

  • Infrastructure
    • Room for battery bank
    • Array for solar panels
    • Room for computer laboratory (separate existing room)
    • Installation in computer lab (wiring, lights, plugs and so on)
  • Wage for person running the internet cafe
  • Point out at least two teachers, who are interested to be trained in IT skills
  • Point out a person who runs the internet café
  • Come up with a project plan regarding the following:
    • Who is responsible for the maintenance
    • Plan of expenses and money which is kept for the project maintenance


With the mayor, the school, CITE and DED it was agreed, that if the project is running a project committee has to be installed, that takes care about the project, the income and the expenses.

Possible committee members:
  • Local government
  • School
  • CITE
  • DED (only in the beginning)
  • Local tourism board
At least one person representing the mentioned group should be in that committee. Further details will be discussed during the announced committee members.

Industrial Partners

ANEC (Affiliated Nonconventional Energy Center)

ANEC is a college or a university–based affiliate of the Department of Energy (DOE) with whom the latter has entered into an agreement to oversee the administration and management of its Rural Energy Program.
The ANECs serve as DOE's links to the grassroots and its extension arm in the promotion of New and Renewable Energy (NRE) technologies.
As one of 20 ANEC's in the country, USC-ANEC is tasked to undertake these mandates in the provinces of Cebu and Bohol.
ANEC will install the equipment and will give some training lesson regarding solar to CITE students

Maschinen & Technik, INC (MATEC)

Our solar equipment was purchased from MATEC more infos ...

AZ Communication

Our Satellite Internet Connection was purchased from AZ Communication more infos ...

GTZ / Gate

GTZ / Gate is the main sponsor of that project. This project is a pilot project and if sucessfull regarding the sustainability it might be implemented in other regions and countries as well.
more infos ...