Computer-Laboratory - Internet-Cafe in Cabilao Island, Bohol, Philippines

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Mario Garcia, Principal, National High School Cabilao: ”After long years of wishing and dreaming the people in Cabilao Island especially the youth would be thankful that a project like Computer laboratory with Internet café is pushing through. This is a rare opportunity for the people to experience the wisdom and progress brought by IT. This is really a big GIFT to the islanders which deserve extra CARE”.

Ruben Laraya, Executive Director, CITE: ”I always consider this outreach project as one more opportunity to bridge the digital divide even in a very little way. The innovativeness of the approach to carry out the goals of the project attracted me to push it and to encourage the cite staff to get involved doing good and learning project management in the process. We are of course grateful to all the donors and partners in this project for their support and commitment to its success. It is only in the spirit of solidarity could we resolve the scandalous situation of the huge gap between the rich and the poor in my beloved Philippines. Let us concentrate in working together and setting aside petty partisan politics which has slowed down our progress.”

Veronika Utz,Project Manager Asia GTZ/GATE: ”We consider this project as a quite worthful approach to provide schools especially in remote areas with IT. We often have noticed the failure of such approaches in developing countries due to lack of steadily income. Schools are not able to continuously raise the money for the expensive costs for internet access which is in this case solved by income generation through the internet cafe. If the combination of a self financing public and private use of the IT is successful, it could be a model for further regions and countries to receive access to the internet and to reduce the digital divide step by step. This is a great task for all of you which we wish every success.”

Yul Lopez, Mayor Loon-Cabilao, Bohol: ”The project is a priceless and esteemed gift of modern technology to the people of Cabilao , Loon. We welcome it with a pledge of wholehearted support for its sustainability.

Konrad De Bortoli, Coordinator German Development Service: "For us, it's one of the most promising projects. Regarding the sustainability, we are proud that our efforts are not only reaching the teachers and students of our direct partner organization CITE in Cebu, but through its teachers we outreach the beautiful, but up to know IT-less Island of Cabilao. Connecting remote places to the www will make them a part of the global village and will provide up to date information and education to the youth. We are very happy and thankful to have the chance to cooperate with such active and committed partners"

Tito L. Murcia Barangay Captain,Cabacungan, Cabilao, Eulalio Molina, Barangay Captain Talisay, Cabilao
"Very useful in a sense of computer literacy, cause all office works require nowadays IT knowledge"

Cherry Murcia, Science Major Cabilao Highschool "This project is a good help for the school and the community in general. Although we are the direct recipient of the project the community can avail also its services"